Does it hurt to hurt or not to hurt?

So many thoughts…. so many thoughts about life, pain, hurt and it all coming to the surface.  I can start from when I was 17 when it all started, or I can digress.  Past is past and you can never get it back.  But you can learn from it.  I don’t know that I want to share everything about why I was what I was, am who I am.  I don’t don’t know that these posts can share everything I ate and threw up in my life.

But I will try to do my best.

What are my worst reasons for wanting food to release an emotion.  What are the top emotions that create this need to suppress?

  1. fear
  2. pain (love)
  3. boredom
  4. anger
  5. guilt

Not sure they are in the proper order.  But in the next blogs, we will start with 1 and go on with the next until we hit 5.  If a 6th or so forth exist, they will be added.

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