Pain, not sure #1 or #2

Gotta love “I think I loved you at one time” or “I loved you at one time”… then gone.  Bye bye now. What a way to make a person feel just tremendous about themselves.  Oh no, no bother.  Let me see.  Takes time then suddenly you realize why.  For each of us that may mean something new.  However, I might say that I did throw up yet another “oh I’m so sorry I did your sister” or “I’m sorry I did my ex girlfriend who is now married”… OH I’M SO SORRY… for being a sucker.. and hurting even if I was.. is?  When does this end?

Fun thing is, I’ve fought my disease, which makes me all the more aware of… everything.

Not sure?  I am sure.  It’s time for me to move forward to find … the me who running so fast ahead that she keeps me on my feet and running.

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