This follows boredom, and it’s short.  By the way,  I haven’t been bored lately.  So I’m going to write about #4 now on my list of 5.  Anger.  I let go of a lot of anger I used to have.  But back in my bullimiaddict days I felt it.  It was so deep in my stomach that I don’t even know that my bulimia managed to suppress it.  Maybe for a while.  I still feel it.  More now than then.  It’s that gut wrench.  It’s the anger that you want lash out at.  I realized though that there’s a way to do it that makes sense.  Working out.  And this is where I end this one.  Let go, let God.

3 thoughts on “Anger

  1. hello i used to work with some one who suffered this its not pleasant for them but i tried to help them bye getting them to eat a little more each day and when the went to get rid of it i would take there mind of it bye haveing a conversation to distract then this lady did start eating more whether it would help others i dont know your blog is very good.

    • It’s sometimes hard to help a bulimic. Sometimes you can drive them further into being a recluse. Hiding it is the main things “we” try to do. For me, working out was important, IS important and eating just a little at a time several times a day and nothing if possible after 6 pm. Never feeling the feeling of “too full”, because in a way, as bulimics, quite often we don’t only equate it to over eating, we also equate to “I don’t deserve to feel full”. Believe it or not, bulimia is also something that allows someone to “deny” themselves pleasures in life. Thanks for your post. I hope pass this along. I finally feel comfortable enough to share what I went through for close to 30 years. God bless!

  2. iam glad you opened this up there are others out there you may help by sharing your experiences well done share your feelings and your emotions and life will be better for you . thank you for replying to my comment its apreciated.

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