Don’t you ever feel like you’re nothing – You are perfect – Pink!!

Why do I do that?  It’s a question we always ask ourselves in this world.  But we have to know we are less than perfect, but we are perfect in our inperfections!!

2 thoughts on “Don’t you ever feel like you’re nothing – You are perfect – Pink!!

  1. Perfect… I really needed this right now, I really did. I’m trying to get stop myse;f from getting worse and get back to a normal way of eating/thinking. I’m stuck in the middle and I feel so confused… I should listen to this song more

    • Jackie, it took me a long time to do this. And I really want people to know that this is not just a teenager’s problem, that although we often began as teenagers, 30 years later I can attest to the fact that there are many of “us” out there and we have the ability to share what we went through. Not many people understand that this might have began as a “diet gone wrong” as a want for the “having the cake and eating it too” syndrome, but it becomes much more than that. Food becomes a friend at the onset, then a way to “rid oneself” of the emotion turmoil that led us to that “comfort”. And it becomes like a cleansing ritual. Once it reaches that point, it’s very hard to let go. Food is like your best friend at the moment you are eating it, and the it also is like your psychiatrist telling you to “let it all out”. Does this make sense? There’s a feeling of complacency at the end of that “ritual” that becomes addictive. However, having said that, it’s also a painful life of hiding behind the emotions, of not being able to reach out, of turning people away in the place of food. But food can’t hold you. It’s just a thing that is to help us live and survive. I am grateful for being able to truly enjoy what I eat when I eat it. I don’t deny myself anything, but am smart enough to know “ya, I can have that and I know when to stop now.” I’ve made food “my friend for life”, but not one that I abuse. 🙂 Keep going. Once you realize the love and support around you (and that is very important to do) it comes around. But you have to do it for yourself and realize you are beautiful and that the real you is what people want to connect with. Thanks for reading!

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