The Only Way to Prove You’re Better…Is To Let Go

I had another post on here, but realized that it wasn’t helping my one friend.  Do I know her?  Not personally, but intuitively I do.  I heard her, so I deleted the original post, but retain the lower part of the post because  am sure that if you had a pet, you would hate to see it have an eating disorder and you would go to lengths to make sure that you taught it not to do that.  So why?  May I ask?  Humans just let you go day by day and not even try to stop it?  If you love, love.  If you don’t try.  And let someone else’ s reaching out show you – love does exist outside of food.

And what would you do if your loved one,  like a pet who loves you unconditionally, had an eating disorder?  Would you just let them die from it?

3 thoughts on “The Only Way to Prove You’re Better…Is To Let Go

  1. holdingtheowl says:

    I can not agree with this, ever. But since I am already fat, maybe it cancels out. I’ll never be better than anyone.

  2. It’s a big question Kristin. Please don’t leave me alone with this. I agree that people simplify this feeling. I am trying to make it right. I’m trying to make people understand it isn’t simple. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. It’s media. It’s hell on earth when you get sucked up into it. But it’s freedom when you let it go. Is the scale still there? Damn right. Is she stood on daily. NO. That is freedom. When other things matter more. Like looking at my animals and asking where will they end up if I keep this up? And then of course I can’t afford food now. But I don’t want to anymore. I have cook books in my kitchen now just to find out how far I can take a can of salmon, or tuna. Little portions, little freezer because I can’t afford a full fridge, but know how to get by. Biggest and final comment. KNOW HOW TO BE LOVED JUST BECAUSE. When you deny yourself that you will seek food. YOU CAN BE LOVED JUST BECAUSE. Don’t be like me. Don’t sabotage your life. BELIEVE.

  3. myiejourney says:

    I think for me, my ‘humans’ don’t realize I have a real problem or disorder. They think i lack motivation or discipline. If I would just try harder… And that is why it’s taken me so long to start this healing process. I’m an overeatter/emotional eater. I keep getting diet mentality stuff thrown at me which is completely useless.

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