I’m Old!

Ya.  I’m old.  Old in the eyes of the beholder, young in my heart.  But I can’t get a job.  I’m going to end up somewhere I don’t want to be because I won’t be able to afford rent next month.  60 resumes.  Can’t even get temp work, and I touch type over 100 words per minute!!  But I’m not only old, I’m over qualified.  Like that?  And because I was an entrepreneur for 13 years, I am not a proper candidate even for short term contracts.  What is that about?  I can’t type more than this.  I’m crying.  I’m sad.  I’m a loser.

2 thoughts on “I’m Old!

  1. nicole says:

    once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. i speak from experience. 😉 figure it out tomorrow. or right now! you will. we always do. x

  2. Nicole, thanks. You make me smile. 🙂

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