My body And My Brain

I realized something that saved me from living the life of ED forever.  It was when my I consciously started listening to my body and told the brain to stop.  The brain, somewhere in its subconscious, had power over me and my body kept telling me to stop!!  My legs and feet allow me to walk, my organs allow me to function.  My brain may be the controlling factor, but it also has these emotional parts that kick on overdrive and deny the body.  I had to train my brain to listen to my body.  After 30 years or so, it’s not easy to do.  But it has.  My brain now is respecting that if it kicks back into overdrive, it too will die.  Are the brain and body separate?  I think so.  At least they govern different parts of us.  The body tells you what you need.  The brain has the right to deny it.  The body always retaliates in some way.   I made them friends.  I made it so that they don’t argue anymore.  That together they can become who they want to be and allow me the relief of not having to deal with their arguments.  LOL.  I enjoy them getting along.  They even tell me when both of them are not liking what I want to do and guiding me now not to.  I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s true.  And I like it this way. 🙂

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