Chapter 5 – Monrad Mansion Month TWO – Meet the Spider Man, The Sha, The Dill, The Meesh, The Marlon, The 12 Year old, The World That Becomes My life… continued

Okay, so let me move on before I go back again to T.  Month two at MM.  I have all my “stuff” moved in, my front room is the way I want it, the back room is a mess of boxes, and I start to meet the neighbours.  MM is a large farm house, as I said, made up of two bachelor apartments, my two room apartment, and the one side of the house with three bedrooms, a huge living room and kitchen, two bathrooms, a washing machine, and access to the basement.  Alongside the house are two trailers hooked up to the house’s electrical and one the plumbing (or so to speak).  Water is brought in from outside and dumped into a well.  Upon arriving, next to the sub-landlord, I met The Dill.  He was a young black man, in his mid to late 20’s, about 6’ tall and slender.  He has large brown puppy dog eyes.  He had a Trinidadian accent and a hardy laugh.  Anxious to help me move things in, he quickly began taking boxes from the back of the truck and moving them in.  My first impression was “this is nice”.

A couple of days later I ventured around the house and met up with The Meesh, and the Twelve Year Old.  Okay, here’s the deal.  The TYO is not really that.  She’s 22 at the time.  Tiny though.  The body of a 12 year old, and a new mother.  She, like Dill, had an inviting smile, and hers would melt a man.  Short hair, big brown eyes that smiled when she did, she also couldn’t stand still.  In her, however, I could see there was something behind the smile.  The Meesh was next to Tiny.  She was renting one of the trailers and helping to care for Tiny’s baby boy.  I think he was about 5 months old.  Piercing blue eyes like his father, who is the sub-landlord, AM.  (AM is a misnomer for him, by the way, as he is not usually up early.  Ideally he should be PM, but we’ll stick to this.)  Meesh is about 38 years old, although I would have thought more 45.  Pleasant enough but there was something of internally that made me feel not so comfortable with her.  Green eyes, a pleasant smile as well, but a know it all and obviously a strong desire to be needed and loved.  Tiny, who I will now refer TYO as from here on in, was excited to meet me.  But behind her happy face you could see frustration.  Maybe it was a life she inherited without planning that led her to have eyes that reflected a loss soul in need of attention.  Did her son take that away from her?

A few minutes past of sharing informal greetings when Sha arrived.  Sha was wearing her pj’s, tall, dark, with a very inviting smile too.  It was all surreal to me.  I felt a longing to belong, yet at the same time I felt like a stranger in this place I decided to call my new home.  The discomfort of that feeling led me back to my apartment, on my computer where I just twittered, facebooked and hid away yet again.

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