Dr. Phil, No one ever tells you what happens after Cinderella or Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty end up getting married!!

I watched your show today about a physically abused woman.  What about psychological abuse even if it’s perceived as self-imposed because you are so innocent that you don’t understand that this is, what you allowed to happen?  Or did we?  Yes, men are abused also, but seriously, women are the greater of the two.

I played my flute tonight for the first time in six years.  When I was married I wasn’t allowed because it was too loud.  I was too fat, too skinny, not right hair colour.  I was bulimic because I couldn’t be perfect to the one man that was suppose to take me “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, my favourite song to play on my flute, to listen to, and my favorite movie – The Wizard of Oz. 

What I remember was how beautiful colour was on a television when I was but little and my grandfather had one of the first colour TVs.  What I didn’t understand was the message.  The wizard was a fake.  As an adult it’s easy to understand now that that movie meant “you have to believe in yourself”, but back then it wasn’t like that.  Think about it.  I grew up with Walt.  Princesses and Princes that saved them.  I did believe.  But all in fairy tales.  Then reality sets in.

After the first sad ending relationship, another came along.  Not much better.  Othello Syndrome.  It was as if I stopped believing that I was good enough or too good.  Then I fell in love with my pets who love me unconditionally.  And then my bulimia stopped.  And tonight I picked up my flute.  My dogs loved it.  They loved me playing my favorite song – Somewhere Over The Rainbow.  I remembered how to play it.  And it wasn’t too loud for them.  And they lay down and watched me play.  They didn’t care if I was fat, ugly, grey hair, or thin, blond, and fit.  They DIDN’T care about that.  They cared that I had just, even sick, ran around with them outside and came in and played music for them.  Even the cats came out.  It was a Cinderella, and Snow White story, with no prince.  It was their life before a prince. 

No one ever tells you what happens after Cinderella or Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty end up getting married.  But my life is better in the “BEFORE” now, then the “not so happily ever after” that in my life did not exist with a man.  Except I have three beautiful children, so no regrets.

Why, may I ask, all these “princesses” loved animals and animals them back, and we who are like those princesses, never hear how they made out after they left those loyal beautiful creatures for a man?  Other than Princess Dianna.

I have to go.  My beautiful four legged friends are waiting for more music. 🙂

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