Epiphany!! I was never supposed to be born!

So I was upset.  Mom hates me.  Now I know why!  I wasn’t supposed to be born!  She’s right.  I shouldn’t have been.  She was going through a depression…  so how did I come out of that?  Like seriously??  If my mother was going through this severe depression thingy and and and and… ya..  she apparently was wishing she was dead… how on God’s earth did I come into existence?? OMG… Am I trying to figure out why MOM hates me?  I don’t want to think about it.  I don’t even want to know why mom is so upset that I liked hanging around with guys once her ropes let me go and then accuses me to be like a man???  What does she want?  For me to be a lesbian?  Sorry I’m not.  I am so confused tonight so I’m writing for nothing.  Why is it that if you don’t have someone in your life you are automatically considered something? Or nothing?  Hey Mom, did you ever hear the word celibate?????

2 thoughts on “Epiphany!! I was never supposed to be born!

  1. Honey, the important thing is that you were born, as you had every right to be, and she can never take that away from you. Your mother sounds like a nightmare, and I greatly emphasise; although mine isn’t half as bad, I sometimes question why we’re automatically assumed to get on with our parents, and if we don’t, society disapproves. Nobody asks which parents to get.

    Take a deep breath. Don’t let her bring you down. You’re worth more.

    • Thank you. My son made me feel great too. Somehow I was blessed with wonderful children and I would choose all three as my friends. Not something that happens often, and obviously my mother would never have chosen me as one of hers. 😦

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