a true friend is a horse

a true friend is a horse.

A true friend is defined by loyalty and honesty.  A horse, a dog, a human who does not betray you, chooses to love you no matter who you are, no matter how upset you get, how much you talk, how much you cry, how much you laugh, how much you dance all by yourself.  Animals in general don’t judge you.  They love you unconditionally unlike most humans.  Humans quite often expect things of you.. . how you dress, how you talk, how you present yourself… It’s not about you with humans for the most part… IT IS ABOUT YOU with animals ALWAYS.  And you show them love and they give it back…. unconditionally… no expectations… this picture, this story, brought these thought to my mind… and tonight… I’m with that lady who understands… and has even accepted me … for the most part… me… unconditionally…. … … this… a picture that speaks a thousand words…………………

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