SEA’s The Day… Carpe Diem… The Enterprise Centre Oakville, 1999… Memories

Wow.  I’m living in a humble little apartment with what is left from a lesson I was teaching to others.  But in all this I love this lesson.  Carpe Diem.  I started to go to church again when I was 33.  Bruxy taught me that music was beautiful even if it was Christian.  I laughed because he said some people don’t even know the music IS Christian.  Well, I fell in love with 4HIM and Jars of Clay… but most so, this one that I am going to post below.  Canadian.. YEAH… but weirder yet during that year that this song played on my CD player I became ED of a small not for profit that helped people start their own businesses (government funded)…  All groups had to have a SEA related name.  First group that came in in 1999 (2000 grads) chose this… SEAs The Day…. I was floored and they played this song at their grad.

But there was  more to this.  I was an independent … hummm not accountant, albeit had all the abilities but the the credentials… I was suppose to be a journalist but I am good with number… oh… I digress.. so yes.  I was asked to do bookkeeping.  For three years I did until a call.  A call from the wife of my client who adored her but was my best friend.  She said “not good”.  Leukemia.  This man was not just a client he was a friend.  His name was Roger.  He showed up to my baptism… first one Bruxy did, the man who taught me about the beauty of Christian music… and how do I write this with giving honour to Roger?  Too many things to be said but in summary:

  • Roger loved me no matter what
  • Roger had a zest for life
  • Roger told me about The Enterprise Centre
  • Roger showed up believing in my baptism whilst my husband thought I was some religious freak… so not true
  • Roger was weak but showed up… he was in his last days…
  • Roger died a week later… but had said I was an inspiration

and to this I can only say… he first loss… and maybe a test to what would become another loss… Roger was 53… my nephew 23.

The two were two of the most beautiful people I have ever known.  But more so.  Roger warned me about my ex husband in kindness.  When I spoke about my worries he told the truth.  He told me he didn’t love me anymore from what I told him.  He was right.

In memory of Roger, when I was at The Enterprise Centre, I named a room after him and had a plaque, which I can’t find anymore from my moves… but… the room was called the Kent Room.  Roger was the first death of TEC.  And mine too.  He believed in me… and me him.  And to this day… (he died in 1997)  I still miss him so much as I do my nephew (died 2008)… both of cancer.  And both too young.


And to this an ode to my first group that came into the place that Roger was one of the ones that were the first to be a SEA.





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