Thank you friend – Here’s to Living in A Barn From the Homeless Guy With New Boots!!

There are few people in this life I truly trust and feel they are loyal friends, who are there with compassion, but also there to tell you just as it is, no matter how it may hurt, but usually right and makes you think.  A friendship that you know will last until the last breath you take.

I watched Courageous today and it speaks to forgiveness.  Something wonderful happened after that.  My “sister” came by unexpectedly.  The one that betrayed me.  But it wasn’t about any of the past,  it was about today and the future and I realized then and there I really have forgiven her.  It was an amazing feeling.  It was too when she walked into my little cubby hole and said it had character.  I think so, even if my parents are embarrassed, as too are my children, for living here.  I am personally grateful.  My ex is looking at a $2 million home.  I have no envy.  I wouldn’t want to live in that type of luxury.  I like my simple life.  I am and will be a redneck until I die.  I smile, I’m feeling happier than I have in years and adjusting to this lifestyle with embrace.  That my mother in particular may feel the horrors of one of her educated daughters living in a place so simple, that is their choice.  Mine is to like it here, with my animals, the solitude, quiet, and peace.

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