Excerpt From An Email To A Sister

As for coats, yes please, dishes – bowls in particular, glasses? YES… 🙂  I am not proud, if it’s being given away, I will definitely look at it and be grateful for it. I am grateful for everything I get. For all the love I get. For the family I have. For all the beautiful memories. I have learned through these past two years to focus finally on the good that was, with my family, with my ex, with my children, and move forward carrying those beautiful memories. What happens next only God knows, but I’m happy for the most part. They say that a loss is like an amputation. You learn to live with it, but it will always be a missing part. It’s how you choose to live with it that counts. Losses have different degrees, but they all are some form of amputation. This I believe. And whether to give up or find a way to inspire with it are also choices we make.

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