Hatred is A Curved Blade

“Hatred is a curved blade. What we do onto others we do unto ourselves. When we die we have freedom to see the truth and to forgive.” From Five People You Meet In Heaven.  I watched this movie last night and found this particular statement compelling.  I suppose for some the learning of forgiveness can only come after death.  To me I prefer to do it before I die.  Hate is such a strong word, and I can’t feel it.  I can feel anger and frustration over what someone has done to me, but for me to hate someone I am incapable.  I find that if you have that feeling, it’s such a negative part of life that destroys your heart, your soul, your being.  Like the saying above “hatred is a curved blade.  What we do unto others we do unto ourselves.”

One thought on “Hatred is A Curved Blade

  1. I’m almost right there with you. I can list on one hand the number of people I truly hate (although, I do think they are deserving of that feeling) and I don’t throw around that word lightly. It seems that other people underestimate the power of the word, and don’t realize that hatred isn’t just a label we assign to others, it’s a feeling in our own selves… the curved blade!

    You post is so well-put. Thanks 🙂

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