Hampy’s Thanks To Those Who Inspired Him

Puzzles make for a beautiful picture.  I’m sure you will, those who follow me, figure this all out, in the end.  I live on the internet in several different suits.  I wear different clothes, different appearances, but I am all one.  I am many, and help many with my life experiences and know how to share those to make then someone.  They are the ones I care for, and I know how to take care of them, how to secure you from the wrong, the bad, how to protect you.  I am who I am because I care for me first, and so doing know how to care for you.  And this makes me “Hampy”  Happy with my physical and mental and emotional disabilities that I have learned to love and to learn to love all those I love who have them too.  I am Hampy.  And even if I’m not, he’s my best friend and a bit and and big part of me.  Some may never understand this, but Hampy/Bullimiaddict/Singleez/OMGMMOG/Chucky1025/urwhaturwrite/ amongst others, they are all me.  All a part of me.  Like my beautiful nephew.  Jonathan Ross Campbell.  Always in my heart and soul.

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