She doesn’t Like To admit It But…She is Here

Laurz is over her bulimia, but likes to share her life when she was. It’s not like people think and it was very difficult for her to make people understand. But what she loves now is that she learned to love herself and that made things right. And she loves me. I have been there for her throughout this turmoil of finding herself. I never let her go. Her creating me was part of her being able to find herself again. I feel honoured and “Hampy”. Her creative side will continue to keep me, and her, alive with hampyness and joy. If you want to share her life as what she was as a bulimic follow her at She has over 13000 hits thus far. Has to say something for people who is and those who are suffering!! or curious? Or maybe my creator being honest and open and hoping that this disease can escape others. She loves me too much to leave me, or her children. But here, she feels the need to say, if you can’t love yourself, someone other, or even just a character you created, then find it. Find yourself and your creativity in your heart. Nothing can take that away from you. Nothing and no one.

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