Good Friday, Lest We Forget Why It’s Called That

I made this cross this morning.  And oops, I forgot an H in Yahweh (I am who I am who I am), but I did remember to put quotes around the cross to equate to “ross”.  Why?  Because my nephew before he died of cancer forgave everyone for everything they did.  He was beautiful and the reason Jesus gave his life for us to learn forgiveness.  To ourselves first, then to others who hurt us.  Here is my picture.  6 a.m. and this is what I wanted to share.  We so forget.  We remember chocolate, the bunny, but we forget the beautiful son of God who dies on this day every year for us to remember – “forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”  And yes, there was a bit of loss of faith “Father do not forsake me”, but in the end, he rose.  Like a flower.  And that is what Easter is about!!

And let us remember to not do unto others as they do unto us, but to do unto others as we hope and pray they will do unto us.

Happy Easter… and for Good Friday?  Only good if you learn from it.  Otherwise it’s sad.

Home is Where You Hang Your Hat…

And I don’t regret the choice God chose for me, but I still keep searching for home…. And I do try to hide the pain, but I’m learning how to make sure that the pain I feel is different. A good one. Is this my summer trip? I’m going home, to a place where I belonged. If only for a while. And then back to build up again.

Ever Feel This way? Maybe not exactly the same story, but???

Throw your hands up in the air. It’s amazing what comes from it! Have faith, believe in yourself, and those who believe in you.

If You See My Reflection In the Snow Coloured Hills, May be you have come to the point where I am now

This was another song that made me realize I had to make a change. Who would know it took 10 years to realize that this was the right choice. Sometimes you wonder the child in your heart could rise above, but you have to believe in yourself first, and know others believe in you!!!

This was a song that inspired me, along with the next one to try it on my own after the betrayal….

But sad about how she ended up, and I refuse. I want to listen to these words and believe. I have learned from my mistakes, and am stronger. I put myself beside to do it his way, but I have to do it my way. I have been on my own. Ups and downs, but today I know. I am who I am. I’ll keep this real. Now it’s time to grow the wings of my caterpillar life. 🙂

A Song Introduced to Me By my Son and that I dedicate To Myself

I have learned that there is only one person you can depend on in the end. That is YOU. But you do have those you can believe in. This song is to me.