Every Time That It Rains I Feel Like Dancing

It’s raining out tonight…

Peeps are strange.  When you are starting to pull your life together some of them want to knock it down.  Even those you think would be there building up your confidence.  But then you realize that the ones that are trying to break that wall you are climbing are those that don’t want to climb that wall next to you.  They are just satisfied with the bottom of the wall and don’t like to see you climb!!

I am a recovered bulimic, so people like this around me are hard to deal with.  Why?  because I feel their sorrow and self-deception and their unwillingness to understand that their  way out.

I did so much in my life even as a bulimic.  Just think, now that I’m feeling that I can understand (not control, understand which is more powerful) why I was bulimic and moving forward… what a force!!

I feel bad for those who wallow in their past, who can’t see that there is a future, no matter what age you are.  More so, it’s sad that those who are your age at 50 might feel there is nothing left to live for and give up.  I won’t.  I refuse.

And for some reason the ones that are negative about my new love for life, my new energy is something that they feel is just a joke makes me all the more committed to show that they are wrong.  I suppose sometimes negative motivation works, but while I’m proving to them that they can’t bring me down, I don’t want them around!!  I’ll just make actions speak louder than words and maybe in some way show them that they too can pull out of the rut, the gutter, the place they think is just okay.  NOTHING IS JUST OKAY.  This life is too beautiful to make it JUST OKAY!!


Just where do you find someone who wants to dance with you and feel this young while you are doing it?

Oh wait… Dad did with me today to 80’s music today and he’s 80.    Love you Dad!!

2 thoughts on “Every Time That It Rains I Feel Like Dancing

  1. Elena Mira says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I can no longer stand negativity & compromises. We deserve positive and inspiring people around us! xxx

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