The Arrangement – Part IV

I finally came upon what I guessed to be the master bedroom.  A maid was busy cleaning and dusting the furniture.  The footage was four times that of any of the other rooms.  The walls were made up aas many of the other rooms paneled in mahogany.  All the furnishings were black and the canopy bed had a lovely red satin bedspread lying neatly upon it.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” the maid said, not once lifting her eyes to me.  “I thought you would be in the study.  I thought I should tidy up while you were busy.”

She scurried across the room and gathered her cleaning implements.

“You don’t have to leave on my account,” I assured her, observing her nervous motions.  Her pale skin created an impression that she had been kept inside throughout the hot summer days.  She was quite young, possibly fifteen.  She wore a white dress with a pale blue apron and a bonnet on her head.  It was just like in the movies.

“Oh, but I have been told to make sure not to disturb you, ma’am.”

“You aren’t disturbing me in the least.  Go right ahead with what you were doing.”

I felt strange speaking to her in such a manner.  I wasn’t used to being treated with such royalty.  I sauntered over to the closet, curious as to what my new wardrobe looked like.  Dresses, shirts and pants were neatly  hung on hangers.  They were all black with traces of gold and silver.  Whoever I now was, I sure did have a preference to black.

From there, I headed through some doors which led me to a massive washroom with a sunken bathtub and marble floors.  Again the decor was void of white.  The floors matched the furniture of the bedroom and the sink and tub matched the bedspread.  It wasn’t exactly what I would have chosen for primary colors but in view of everything that was handed to me, I could hardly complain.

In one of the drawers I found a sweat suit, black, with silver stripes running down the side of the arms and legs.  I slipped into it.  I wasn’t sure what it was made of, but the material hugged my body with is soft touch.

Days passed by and the dream continued.  I had become familiar with the different rooms in the house, and discovered that I was now the owner of two publishing companies and two newspaper companies.  Being owner was a fairly relaxing position to be in, as most of the work was delegated to the Presidents.  Calls would come in from stock brokers requesting my opinion on investments, media requested interviews and charities requested donations.  Within no time I was on top of everything and enjoying everything I did with a passion.  When I wasn’t working, I would go to the club, which Him had mentioned I belonged to.  Glamorous as everything else in my life, it was a wonderful place to socialize with all the elite members.

It wasn’t until about three months into this dream that I began to miss my friends.  I never knew what had become of them.  I hadn’t even stopped before to wonder.  I was so wound up in shopping, working and working out that I had completely alienated myself from my own personal social live.  Then, it suddenly dawned on me that I had fallen prey to the existence I had been so against.  I had fallen in love with yuppyism.    I shuddered.

Copyrighted 1987

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