Handwriting and Eating Disorders – The Letters As Words

How do your overall letters look like?  Are they close together, far apart?  Are the words close together or far apart?  Do certain letters run into the line below it?

I will expand on individual letters in the next blogs, but this one will be an overview.  Letters that are very close together and very narrow reflect a person who is internalized, keep to themselves, uncertain, does not like change, are generally self-conscious and not very good with crowds.  The smaller the letters, the greater this butterfly_handwritingcharacteristic.

If you letters are large and squished together, mostly what would fit in between lines of a lined paper, it means you are living in the present, with little regard for philosophy or physical activity.  This type of writing shows signs of immaturity, the lack of desire to want to grow up.  There is a tendency to try to avoid stressful situations.

If your letters have angular forms, although there are good traits that go along with this, such as strong willed and analytical, it also reflects anger, so the strong will can come across negatively if one is not in agreement with another’s opinion.  I do not have these, but I do know that in my state of anger, when I was bulimic, it was a trigger.  This is because, like many of us, I didn’t not want to lash out, so I hurt myself instead.  The typical self-castigation which is also very noticeable in a t-bar slashed downward, whether to the left or right.  This I have seen in my writing in the past.  I will be expanding on the “T” letter in further blogs.

A very controlled handwriting reflects just that – a need for control.  This may show up in those with eating disorders, as their ED is in fact a form of control when their surroundings seem out of control.  They choose their bodies as their main mechanism of “control”, however it ends up becoming that the ED controls them instead.

Someone who prints and script writes at the same time general show a tendency towards being artistic, but also show a conflict between emotions and objectivity.  Another trait of one with ED is a sense of confusion.

If the writing looks almost like a line with bumps – not clear formatted letters – this reflects some who is evasive, uncertain in general, and does not reveal much.  A person with ED can have this type of handwriting, particularly if afraid that one might be found out.

Large space between the words reflects someone a tendency to avoid relationships and isolate oneself.  I don’t think this needs much explanation when it comes to someone with ED.  I know I often isolated myself, choosing my bulimia over my friends.  It was safe and it didn’t judge me.  That sounds “ill minded”, but it was the way I thought.

Words that are retraced reflect someone who does not trust, holds things in, and is afraid of being found out.  They may use silence to keep anyone from knowing too much about them.

If letters from your words run down into the line below (such as a g or a y), there are two reasons for this.  One is that it reflects the physical nature of your being (the longer the lower loop, the greater the physical need, be it activity, sexual, or even work.  If it runs into the line below, that reflects confusion.

I can go on and on, but this gives you some examples of what to look for in your writing, or if you know someone who might have an ED, signs to look out for.





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