Did I Do This To My Daughter, Like My Mom Did To Me??

Dear daughter,

This song made me think a lot.  Not just about my own youth, but worse yet what I put you through.  When I was hurting I did lean on you and you were way too young.  Please, do learn and don’t make the same mistakes, stay safe like I taught you, but don’t shut down your heart like I did.  I love you so much and thank you for having been a big reason I made it through my pain.  I didn’t want to pass it on to you.  So I hope, like this video, that you learn, my pain was not yours.  It was mine and I was selfish in thinking it didn’t affect you.  Your beautiful smile helped me along the way to where I am today.  You are special in more ways then you will ever know.  Make sure your ending is like this video.  Don’t carry my burdens, and don’t make any of your own.  Love like there is no tomorrow, live like there is no tomorrow, but more than anything know that even if my mom taught me to be cautious, and then me pass that on to you, there are no absolutes no matter how hard you try to protect yourself.  So go out there, and know that if you do get hurt?  I am there to hold you.  We all get hurt.  The biggest lesson is how we deal with it.  I wasn’t really good at it.  I hope you aren’t either.  Because no one should be good at it.  It’s not something we are defined to deal with, but tears, love and hugs just make it more bearable.  And yours helped me.  I hope you never need me to give you back what you gave me, but know, in your heart, that if you do… I’m here… always.  I love you so much!!


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