Quit The Skinny

That’s all I could think when I sat there and finally got tired and fed up of watching Victoria Secret ads, Winners’ ads, and all the ads that still, after all the awareness of eating disorders, portray women as string beans, as though that is what is attractive.  Even at 50, the women are boob jobed, botoxed, liposucked, belly stapled, or what have you!  I am a normal looking 50 year old, but these days I feel like the freakazoid and look at my jowels and wonder if anyone on television could have the courage to show who they really are, and not these fake humans.  What is the master plan of media?

It was a horrifying segment of Dr. Oz showing a 42 year old woman at 76lbs due to taking 300 laxatives a week.  A WEEK!  She started off at 230lbs, and in a healthy way with proper eating and exercise lost 100lbs.  But it was not enough.  She reached a plateau and went on to laxatives.  42 years old.  Heart attack age.  Just last year my friend lost her sister to the same problem.  Heart failure due to laxatives.  Finally though someone NOT a teenager, proving that this disorder now is rampid amongst not only the young, but the older too!

We are still bombarded with what is way too skinny.  Even the talk show hosts are making fun of the women in Hollywood now.  I hope they continue.  The Oscar Awards and such are pathetic.  All they talk about is that Jennifer Anniston must be pregnant because she gained weight.  WEIGHT?  What weight?  She’s still way below the average woman in the Americas!!

When will this all stop?  I will say that I refuse to shop at Winners anymore.  I banned it after seeing the models they chose for their commercials.  Come one!! Be real!! I’ve been to Winners and none of their customers looked like that!!  Doubt most of the women who buy Victoria Secrets look like their models either.

Okay, so there are some women who may look like those on television, but please, can’t there be a counter balance?  At least even one genuine looking model, not like the horrific mannequins you see in the windows?

Being recovered has made me all the more intolerant of all this.  I realized that I was tolerant when I was bulimic because my brain was so saturated with what was the “perfect” look that I was right in there with it all.  But the Tasmanian devil in me stopped spinning, and now I’m just appalled.

Wow… if Winner’s is going that route, what next?  Walmart?  Target?  Unbelievable.

Sorry about the ranting and raving, but when I’m sitting here, and at night I write to a young lady who is anonymous to me and she shares her stories, I just cannot, will not, accept this anymore.  I’d love to do a great campaign and in it adopt the song “We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore”.  Who’s with me?

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