Sometimes I wish I could bring on Amnesia

Did you ever want to forget a portion of your life?  I know I do.  I wish I could erase the past 32 years of my life, wake up and say “hummm, this is different, but I guess I can live with it”.  I would get to meet my children for the first time in my life and be thrilled without remembering what I might have put them through.  I could forget I was married andAmnesia meet my ex-husband for the first time with no remembory of him at all!  I would have wiped out all the yucky parts of my life!  But then again, I would also wipe out the great parts of my life.  The time I fell in love with my husband, the times I fell in love with my children.

Okay, so maybe if I could be selective in my amnesia?  I would take it.  I would take the selection of all the times I felt bad for the hurt I put onto others and to myself.  I would not have to worry about forgiving because I wouldn’t remember anything.  Even if someone told me something I did, I wouldn’t be able to feel the pain because I wouldn’t remember it, but I could ask for forgiveness and say I’m sorry, without the dagger in the heart.

I would only remember the good and be able to reference those to the ones that come at me with the hurt.  I could remind them of the good times we had that they forgot about through their own pain.  I could focus on all that only and only that.  What a beautiful thought.

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