5 thoughts on “Three Tears (Tiers) For You

  1. Gel says:

    This is nice….full of what life is really meant to be about….connection with others and feeling the full range of what it is to be human.

  2. By the way, I took this photo and realized even with my newly died hair, I still have grey.. 🙂

    • Gel says:

      Oh!, so that is you?…I can barely see the grey. I have silvery hairs now too. To me it is silver….it shines like silver. And that is my way of expressing that I like it, i’m not sad to have it coming in. Mostly my hair is still brown.

      Let’s embrace the dignity of our age! And the wisdom that comes with it.

      • I love that! Yes I embrace my silver too! I find it funny that full strands show up even with the dye. Doesn’t bother me, bothers my mother more when she sees my silver 😉

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