Legacy? Oh My!

I will never leave a legacy worthy of remembering. This I know. I, at one time, looked to do this but having hung around my daughter lately who is very matter of fact, I am understanding her world. I don’t need to leave anything. I don’t even want a tombstone, or be left in a cemetery. I would prefer to be cremated and my ashes left on my parents land that was left to my father by my grandmother where some of my best memories reside. I have no reason to have anything written on a tombstone. When I’m gone I’m gone. Why did I fight for causes in this world that in the scope of life are so menial?

Tombstones, even funerals in general are such a waste of money. What for? Death taxes are stupid. At least I don’t have assets left anymore that those left behind will have to pay taxes on.

When I go just let me go. Personally I like what dogs do. They go find a spot outside somewhere, lie down and die. I’m not morbid, but I don’t want anyone to suffer financial losses over stupid people taking advantage of sorrow of others.

Burn me up and throw me on the ‘farm’ somewhere if I end up not having enough time to get there on my own.


2 thoughts on “Legacy? Oh My!

  1. What a sad post! And yet you do leave a legacy all the time – whether you intend this or not – any activity that you do changes the world around you – having a daughter, writing, buying, saving and so on:)

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