Is This The Message We Are Sending Out?


May my daughter continue to love her curves, and me to continue to accept them even if they are 50 years old. May she never wish to be like this. Media is so destructive. This is not perfection! Loving yourself is!

2 thoughts on “Is This The Message We Are Sending Out?

  1. I completely agree with you, today’s young teenage girls should be made to understand that they should love their body and its curves and not go crash dieting to achieve pencil-thin stick-like figures.. i keep talking to my niece about it, she is 13 and is pencil thin, i make her eat healthy whenever she visits us during vacations…. thanks for the article, its a common concern!

    • Suggest you try to find that movie too. It’s really all about this sad disease I started when I was 18 and that is 32 years ago. I’m just happy I told my daughter about my disease early in her life and she did a school project on it and became very aware. She also interviewed me and I was more than glad to put myself out there, even if it meant her friends knew. She was devastated by her research and to this day, although 167 lbs at 5’5″ she says she would like to be less, but never does she want to get caught in the hell I went through. :). Thank God! And good for you! I also have a surrogate daughter who is perfect size but her mother and grandmother, both quite overweight, are telling her she is fat. How can a mother and grandmother EVER do that to their child, be it son or daughter? I keep her sane in that insane world of what is SO wrong! I even have chips now and chocolate pudding, and pizza. Now recovered I refuse to disallow myself anything. My biggest lesson however, which I wish I would have learned so much earlier is how much. Meaning, eating slow and listen to your body when it says ‘hey mom, I’m full’ :).

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