How True – Fast Food Charges Too Much For Healthy Food!


My daughter and I discussed this. The other day we went to Harvey’s on a drive by and would love to have had a salad. I got the junior burger instead and her the cheeseburger. No combo. We couldn’t afford it. Water from the tap because the bottled water was too much for the $9 we scrounged up from change in our wallets.

Today I told her about this post I found on Facebook and she said it was one of her arguments. She said eating healthy is for those who are privileged. I told her what is sad is that a salad for that price made at home is 99 cents, maybe $1.50 max. The hamburger would be the same. So why the extreme difference in price? We know the answer and it’s wrong. Prey on those who want healthy and keep those who can’t afford it coming back for fatty food. So sad, too bad.

If you are so hungry you can’t wait to get home why be penalized with these outrageous prices?

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