My Daughter Is Smart


Some might think I’m saying this simply because she is my daughter but not so. Even through her angry teens she somehow grounds me the same way she did from the day she was born.

Today I told her in my younger years up to three years ago I did so much, achieved so much. Now I don’t want to do anything. Well, that is not entirely true. After a two year meltdown I’m back. But this is where her smarts are.

She told me that life needs a balance. This is so true. And that balance is so fragile and easy to sway the scales if you are not self-aware.

I’m a Libra which is suppose to be the symbol of balance. But I’m a cusp Virgo, the proverbial achiever and perfectionist. Any one day I don’t know which one I will wake up to. Now, horoscopes are perhaps questionable, but truth is this is true of me.

Being 50 I realize I have to balance. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring so I need to love and appreciate today, do what I can without over exerting myself while doing enough to feel accomplished, knowing I achieved something and with enough time to be with those I love so much.

Balance. A precious thought and goal.

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