My Daughter Shaved Her Head Today

My daughter shaved her head today. She came by to meet with me before heading off six hours away to University. She walked in and smiled her beautiful smile. At first I thought she had pulled her hair back in a tight ponytail. Seconds later I realized she did what she said she wanted to do early in the summer. Shave her head. One of the things on her bucket list. I had just completed two, one being getting back on a horse. A far cry from what she did. And I looked at her and smiled back. She looked as beautiful as ever.

My daughter was bald for her first two years and was beautiful then. She still looks like that beautiful child I birthed 20 years ago.

What I love is with this her message. She does have a boyfriend who is a little freaked out about it, but as she said, if he can’t love her without hair then it’s not real love. I know this guy. I know he will support her. And hair grows back. It’s an ongoing growth just like love should be.

I love my daughter’s spirit and am proud of her. She did admit she will never likely do it again, but she just had to this once. We only live once. And it made me realize that it’s important because one day you will wonder if you didn’t do what you really wanted to. I can attest to the fact that the results are not always positive, but at least you risked and it is a chapter in your book of life. One that goes by too fast not to stand up to the plate you want to stand on. Sometimes you get a home run, sometimes you strike out, sometimes you are out before you hit all the bases. Regardless, each play is another lesson. And no game will ever be perfectly played, but as long as you keep playing, that’s what matters most.

My daughter shaved her head today. I’m proud of her.

My little individual, always my baby.

2 thoughts on “My Daughter Shaved Her Head Today

  1. kanundra says:

    Very courageous 🙂

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