Miss posting and so happy I helped a friend

I got an email from Anonymous and she is doing well. Still struggling but on track. I got a newish phone so I can post now with it. Just off track a bit.

Back to story. Anny last sent me a message saying she hoped my kindness would be paid forward. Strangest coincidences. First the night before she emailed me I dreamt I dated a fifty year old version of the boy in the movie ‘Pay It Forward’. I know it sounds weird but true. Same eyes. Then night after her email a young man asked to take my groceries to my car and explained he had just read the book Pay It Forward and was doing this as a school project in hopes for others to pay it forward and make this life a little bit better. One week three pay forward reminders.

Seems to me the message is a. It was a week of paying forward thoughts and b. Never stop paying forward. And I guess c. A wish that day was granted. Anny got her wish. Someone paid me forward. 🙂