Purple Polar Fleece and Hypocrisy


Hello! What? A thank you after four years of being patronizing and mean and I get a thank you for a stupid polar fleece I made for my younger sister in a random text she sent today. I wasn’t sure what to reply. F you? What do you want now? After all the backstabbing back ended things you did in the past few years is this some symbol of peace like the olive branch?

I work with women like her. The kind that make you anxious just being around them. The whispers, then the verbal rude comments about stupid people, blondes, and you just look at them and don’t want to know what they say about you in your absence. They patronize you and everyone around them. They look at you like ‘what why don’t you agree or say something’ when you ignore their rude comments.

Severe anxiety is no friend to this kind of world.

Here is who I am. One young lady has been hired and she is young. Her make up is actually mainstream. Not like us fifty somethings old school. So in sales she attracts the younger generation. What is wrong with that? She is nice. Maybe not as incredibly perfect as my next to me Miss Perfect, but why be mean? Why not treat them as humans? My next to me calls her little thing. Our new people working in the back are new guy one and new guy two. I asked her when will they achieve her respect enough to call them by their names?

Next to me complains about the lack of professionalism where I work. What a laugh. Maybe a mirror should be before her. I love all people. From next to me’s nasty comments about ‘a real blond’, ‘Barbie and Ken’, ‘stupid’, ‘won’t threaten his vacation by making waves guy’, etc. all that is so destructive and it isn’t getting better.

That ‘next to me’ person is a mirror image of my little sister. Intolerant of anyone but themselves. I thank God I love and accept all for who they are. Do some bother me? Of course. I human. But it’s not that often and really it’s my problem. Why should I have the need to share it with others who then make judgements based on my opinion?

God bless those of us who have a higher tolerance for humans and chose not to be rats, gossips and cause unease of someone being around us.

Purple polar fleece? I don’t even remember what it looks like. 😉

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