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To my followers and anyone who reads this post I would like to share your thoughts. I have a copyrighted book not complete and at some point will encompass many of these pages I have written in the past four years. If interested send me your post to bullimiaddict@gmail.com. You choose your name. I will post it as per approved. I want to hear your version of what you believe “Make Up Not Required” means to you in this world. Me, it’s being real to myself. It’s being able to being honest, true to myself, and too not having to wear make up to be beautiful. Nor having to wear make up to hide behind someone I am not or to deceive. Interested in your opinion. Those who partake will have updates on my progress in the book and be recognized which ever way you want. Real or anonymous. I’ve been working on this project that I said I copyrighted fifteen years now. My bucket list is to complete it and get it published. I just figured out with this site I want it to be a shared venture. Not looking to get rich. Just to complete it. And if it does make money definitely will be donating to this cause!

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