Eating Disorder And Love


When I got married I had already told my ex that I was bulimic. He strangely enough accepted this without question. It wasn’t until a month after being married that I learned he was a cross dresser. I accepted it too but it did put a glitch in our sexual life. How ironic. I was bulimic trying to keep my body at a sexy size while he didn’t touch me for weeks as he had his ID to contend with. I think it got to the point where it was easier for us to be intimate with our hidden worlds then to be together. I only hope he found his match with his girlfriend. Although word is he is still roaming.

Me? I was happy with the second one. We had perfect sex which I didn’t know existed. We even liked the same things, were best friends before lovers. But he roamed too.

I overcame my bulimia while with him. It was a year later I found out of his wandering but stayed clean. Maybe because even if it ended he remains a best friend and showed me something I never knew before. Although not together we still share a level of unconditional love. I know it sounds strange and probably is, but I’m happy. I like my solitude anyway although there are times it would be nice to find someone just like him who is also faithful.

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