Building New Memories

I died spiritually and almost physically for a while.  I mean this in the sense that I didn’t want to do anything. Being home alone was all I wanted.  Watch TV, hang out with my dogs.  That was it.  Then suddenly I realized I wasn’t building  memories anymore.  I was seriously dying alone even if alive.  Work, home, bed, dogs. Nothing more, nothing less.  I stated in my last post that I had a great day. I even had a great idea that my sisters appreciated!! I felt alive again and realized even at 51, new memories, the good ones, can be built up again.  So I will continue to find neat adventures.  Afterall, at work they call me Dora because I carry my knapsack on my back everywhere I go.  Doesn’t matter how old you are.  You can always be a Dora. 🙂 And at the end of the day, a rainbow without rain is intriguing.  Another awesome memory.  I may not have seen my meteor shower, but I saw something just as wonderful.



2 thoughts on “Building New Memories

  1. Tiffanyla27 says:

    I know what ya mean. I been there.. I was out of a job for 3 months and I binged and puked all day and slept. The only reason I would go out with friends is if there was food involved, and I would leave right after I ate to puke. I was getting down and not living. I finally started a job and my bulimia got a little better and now I am living 🙂 I am more happy 🙂
    Glad you are making memories!

    • I’ve been clean for the past few years and that was when I lost myself. Believe it or not. Took four years to find me again. Was hiding behind my bulimia. No more

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