Sucks to be me.  I had an episode tonight that I’ve never had before.  I woke up not able to breathe.  Seriously could not breathe.  Then when I finally coughed it burnt.  I had the worse episode of heart burn and maybe, just maybe shouldn’t have had that last snack.  Smoked muscles.  Dad loved them and me too, but at night after 12 hours of working, and a very tough day and stress, and being 51, not a good combination.  I was afraid so called my neighbour (you know, my ex boyfriend, best friend who comes over to visit all the time) and he didn’t answer.  So I went over, which I rarely do, but thought, I’m freaked out and it’s a Wednesday and his married girlfriend is usually only there on weekends, and when he didn’t open the door, I walked in, like he does at my place.  HORROR… SHE WAS THERE!! and like a rabid dog started screaming at me.  I told her I just needed an antacid and she told me to go die.  She accused me of knowing she was there.  YA RIGHT.  Who would want to get near that little thing if you knew she was there!! She is vicious!!

Now, I know sounds weird but I walked out feeling guilty.  WHY?  And he looked sheepish as all hell, which he should.  Like the other story, didn’t even show any remorse or care that I swear tonight I thought I was going to die.  But all that seemed like nothing.  And suddenly that “best friend” showed his true colours.  She owns him for some reason.  A true friend would have stood up and said “hey!! cut it out”.  I turned away, walked out and couldn’t even cry.  I just decided not to sleep tonight.  I don’t want this to happen again to me, and I have no one around to help me.  My dogs sure won’t!  But they seemed pretty spooked.  At least I have my dogs. 🙂  Feeling a bit better, but still even after finding some antacids buried in a purse, still not at all going to sleep.

It’s not that any of this matters much, but I will say that I do believe that this stupid reflux stuff came from my previous years of being stupid and bulimic.  Now I have to suffer the consequences.  But I should not have had to suffer the one of the rabid dog tonight along with it.

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