Would Be 27 Years

Strange how I always look at dates.  In my time here, it is 8:36 pm on September 11, 2014.  I remember being President of the local Chamber of Commerce and just starting into my term when the September 11th disaster happened.  I remember driving my children to school and was listening to the radio and thought it was something of a hoax… could this be real?  Or Orson Wells?  Spent the afternoon with the new Executive Director we just hired watching in horror. That was 13 years ago.

Tomorrow is another date I remember.  27 years ago I said “I do” to the man I loved and had three beautiful children with.  We would have been together for 27 years, and on September 26th, would have known each other for 34.  Do I wonder sometimes what life would have been like if I had fought it out and stayed?  Sometimes, but rarely.  My only sadness is for my children, but they seem to be doing okay.

I love my little life now…. but it is incredibly weird how fast time goes by.  But new dreams, new life, new friends and old friends still here, makes this all worth my time on this earth.  Ask me if I would have even thought I would be married with children?  Never.  But I was, and did my part, and now back to what I knew I would end up like… loving architecture, knowing where I want to go, what I want, and working towards that dream… and best of all… bulimic free. 🙂

Do you have dates that come back in your mind randomly to remind you?  Feel free to share. 🙂

Amazing Song and Video

I don`t want to be that person in the box.  This is an amazing video that speaks to all that I don`t want to be… and have not been.  Bulimia aside, my life has had so much to be thankful for, and now even more.  I have beautiful people around me that are helping me realize that even at 52 (in a week), I can have dreams… keep dreaming and believing in yourself.  It is the most powerful of all things in your life.  Love, live, laugh, and as Plato said, live life as play. 🙂

Below is the link to the Facebook where you can see this video.  Little Boxes.  Brilliant.

Who would have known that Joan Rivers’ health would bring people here?

When I wrote about Joan Rivers’ eating disorder I would never have thought that this would bring us here… you reading my blogs, nor would it make me a bit worried about my own history with bulimia and issues with not breathing, but I could certainly understand.  Bulimia can bring across some frightening after effects.  One night I woke up, and I believed I blogged about this earlier, and I could not breathe.  I was choking on acid that had come up through my esophagus. For I don’t know how long I couldn’t get the air moving.  I finally did and I was so mortified, so to speak, that I ran next door to my neighbour.  He is my best friend, but his girlfriend was over and she yelled at me to leave.  I live alone and didn’t know where else to go, my parents being out of town for the summer.  This may just be a lesson to all those of you out there with eating disorders.  If in the early stages stop now.  You don’t want to end up with these nightmares.  Your eating disorder will not just mess up your social life in your youth, but your health in your latter years.  Not worth it.  Never mind that… really not WORTH it.  The costs are monetary as well.

  • Let go, learn, live, love…. life is too short for anything more than that. 😉