Moving Forward Bulimic Free

I am slowly but surely moving forward towards a much better life free of my bulimia. Four years free! Not one desire to ever go back and even more so can’t believe it took so long to get to this point. But I suppose there needed to be that aha! moment.

I went to visit a good friend of mine last weekend. First time I drove 3 hours on my own and first time with my dogs in 5 years!  When I arrived I went into the pet friendly motel that oversaw the lake. It was beautiful. It was even more fun because it was spontaneous.


My friend loves to walk. So he and I did so several times with the dogs. It was a short visit but made a huge impression.

Got home and thought of how I have to get off the farm where I live and get to a place where there is decent warmth in the winter and places to walk the dogs safe from coyotes.

I went on the classifieds and couldn’t believe one place advertised. Right on a huge pond in town near walking trails and seconds from the old section of the growing town I live in.  Price was right too but with over 300 views doubted it would still be available. But took my chances. Landlord wrote back it was.

It seemed so surreal. Went to see it. Small but exactly what I live in now and exactly what I wanted for size. Beautiful deck in the back and in an old house!

Country living in the city. Can’t beat that. So I am going to have to sharpen my skates and I will even be able to roller blade again!


New home

Even better I am only 7 minutes from work! I can go home during lunch and walk my dogs and have time to eat!! 🙂

This is my 24th move in my life. I am hoping the second to last. Last one being in my tiny house. 🙂 But that won’t be for a few years. In the interim I will be away from my jealous ex boyfriend and freer. Here is to forward steps.  And thanking God for being there and answering my prayer.

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