Might Have Been A Candidate As A Post Bulimic For Dr. Oz! Too Bad For Short Notice!!

Introduction to my post – an email from the Doctor Oz Show:


Thanks for writing into doctoroz.com! Dr. Oz is looking for participants to be on our show on FRIDAY, JANUARY 16TH.

We are looking for FUN, ENERGETIC WOMEN who have a certain BELLY TYPE!

Do you have a muffin top, and want to get rid of it?

-Do you have a pooch below your bellow button (low-hanging belly)?

-Do you want to learn ways to get rid of your belly?

-If yes, write back ASAP for the chance to be on stage with Dr. Oz!

If you are interested, please reply back with the following information as soon as possible:









Okay, so I am thinking, “yup, muffin tops, pooch below the belly”.  As I had posted earlier, I am a Sea Monkey looking kind of body, with boobs though that are trying to kiss my lower part.  Maybe missing that action enough to try to make it such that they have fun together.  Okay, maybe a bit too graphic, but let’s face it.  We age, and gravity has the better of us.  We can laugh about it or just be depressed.  No depression anymore.  I know my body is not as I wish it were for my 50 something years, but I look at her and thank her now for having gone through what I put her through and still look beautiful to me.  Not only beautifully simple and real, but also functional.  I apologize to my teeth that they are not as beautiful as they were, but still beautiful to me.  And really my dogs don’t care about my teeth or my body.  They just want me alive loving them and being able to feed them, love them and walk them.  What more could you ask for.

I am 136 to 138 lbs at any one time in my coming into five years of absolute recovery.  I am really liking myself more and more.  I only would like a bit more muscle to keep me safe from osteoporosis.  And that makes you feel more healthy.  But my body image has changed.  I am feeling great and love that I don’t wake up every morning wondering if someone will judge me, or even more so, even happier I don’t judge myself!!


I would gladly go on Dr. Oz’s shoe and say, yes, muffin tops and pooch below the belly, but I will not let that stop loving myself, and that if these issues are focussed on so much, how will we change a mind like mind to go from “Oh My Gosh I have to be perfect!!” to “I love you LA just the way you are.  You can maybe work some muscle in there, but until you feel ready, you are doing damn good.  Forgave yourself for the years of bondage to bulimia, and came out loving yourself.”

I won’t lie.  It’s a long journey.  Some young people could cut it shorter if they learn what I learned early.  No one really loves you for your looks.  It’s about who you are.  You revolve your life around perfection which includes your looks, you will just become ugly to those around you.  Not worth it.  You can lose ALOT!!

Hugs to those reading this.  And to those looking to finding the secret?  It is just that.  Be alone.  Take time alone, stop trying to be what or who other’s want you to be.  Relax and let yourself stop being an OCD person that this culture has created.  Be who YOU want to be!!!!!!!  To young ones, do it now, or you may end up like me… taking 30 years to recover.  And 30 years of much lost time.  And so too because I had three children in the interim.  Pressure to be perfect for them too was so bad that I ended up failing them.  They still love me, but going back… I might very well have done things differently to not have all this end up this way… but looking forward?  I am so happy I don’t want to look back anymore.  I will love them and they can choose to love me back as much as I love them… I look forward.  Forward only.  With hopes and new dreams and so excited that I am just loving my body, my brain and me. 🙂