I work in customer service and I have to say those with challenges are my most wonderful customers.  I love to relate, to interact and to show them that they are just like me and I am there to serve them as best I can.  I don’t feel sorry for them, I feel sorry for me for not having the ability to sometimes to communicate at the level I would love to to connect in a more “living room” feeling.  Today I had a call from a customer through a relay who is hearing impaired.  I can somewhat relate, but not at all at his level.  I am hearing impaired in my right ear and I annoy my children and people around me by having to ask them to repeat what they have said and turn my left ear to them.  I hate to say it, but if I was completely hearing impaired they may be a bit more patient with me.  Knowing this, I reach out.  The call came in because there was a fault in one of the jobs we did and I needed to find a way to help him.  Tomorrow I am waking early to make a call on his behalf.  I want to do that.  I have been told I am too nice, go too far at work beyond the call of duty, but I like doing that.  And this particular customer, who has been patient, I am looking forward to helping him.  I must admit I was happy when he sent me he phone number to text to.  It was so much easier to communicate.  He and I both type faster than we write and this method is faster than the phone relay.  I was excited that for once texting truly had a meaning.  A true meaning.  My children can hear, and me too still at this point, but they text me.  They don’t call to hear my voice.  To hear.  Hear.  It opens eyes, which that too, is something.  My sight is failing slowly, but failing.  I put on only mascara because that is the best of the blurr I can do.  I might look like a clown if I tried anything more.

But even with my failing sight and failing hearing, I have so much of it versus so many out there.  I am completely functional in both, but with the minor challenges I have I fully appreciate their position.  And so I am too kind and go above the call of duty.  I will do so for those even challenged with emotional stress, and any kind of challenge life has brought to us.

I personally am in greater appreciation if I help that person who is OCD deal with the issues, or someone with hearing impairments, those even with sight issues (always keep customer reading glasses at my desk), if I can put a smile one someone going through depression, all this makes my day.  I am pushed for making quotas, but for me.. what pushes me are these things.  They are what matter most.  And I keep hearing a voice I believe from up above… in regards to the quotas… when sometimes I wonder if my pay will pay my bills… “the faith of a mustard seed”.  And the voice goes on to say “Never lose faith… believe”.  So I will.

By the way, I am now 4 years healed and still not a desire at all of going back.  Not ONE!!  It’s fabulous.  February 11th marked my 4th anniversary.

Thank you to my readers.  And followers.  Keeps strong, keep believing and don’t let anyone change you for the you you  know you are inside.  Be that one that you love from the time you were little….. I know I am loving my person as a child and bringing her back. 🙂

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