What Were We Thinking. So Unfair. Stop the stupid!


The beginning of an eating disorder is when a friend tells you you are fat.  It is not there yet, because you are too young to understand the devastation of someone, and me it was my best friend, telling you “really, you weigh that much? you are fat”.

But really it was the adults who put us on a scale in front of everyone.  And in my case is was Nuns!

I wish I had a friend to tell me to shed my socks and smile while being the same weight.  Maybe things might have been different.  Saying… is. … stop our children from finding out so young that they can be bullied about their weight.  And this?  was 45 years ago when I went through this.  And we say it’s a new thing?  NO.  It has existed for years.  But maybe Karen Carpenter was the first in 1980 to give us a glimpse of what was to come and still is.  Break the chain……

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