Thoughts about building towers and the Beauty and the Beast

I feel for those going through depression issues no matter what they are labelled.  Been there. I built a tower of my own and with all the expectations of those around me built it too high.  It is not a nice analogy but it describes it somehow.  The Trade Centre.  An easy target and the higher the building the more susceptible and the bigger the fall.  And when you get to ground zero it sure as hell takes time to even imagine starting to grow again on the same property.  That property being you.

It took me years to get there but in the last three I have made new foundations. But this time I am not building a tower. And my architectural plan is for me not everyone else.  Small works for me.  I have nothing to prove to others only to myself.


A friend told me that some people who suffer from issues need to find that love for self first before they can grow. Some are not aware they have it and need to find it. Some do find the gift they didn’t know they actually had until they open the present.  Others need to create that love and that is a tough journey.

I was lucky. I remember being an incredibly happy child at the age of three.  First three years are crucial. I found that me again.  Unfortunately not all adults have that remembory.  I do and embrace it now.  And pray those that don’t can learn self love somehow.