COMPELLING.  I never wore much make up and was who I was. Still went through stuff.  And still do. But I learned that the older I get I actually feel younger than those in their teens and up to thirty somethings. Maybe that feeling comes with wisdom. Only you can love yourself to the bottom of your heart and all you have gone through. No one but you can share that but with you. So be nice to yourself and keep your truest friends close. Anyone else who doesn’t love you like you love yourself and the journey you are going through… delete from your life. There is only one you.

Watch “Always #LikeAGirl” on YouTube

Be the proper reflection  of who a girl and woman is. Let go of the expectations or even assumptions of what a girl and or woman is. Be you. Be brave. Be wise. Love yourself and your strong sisters out there who hold up the proud flag to say “I am me! Society cannot change me! I am me! ”

I AM me and loving it. I am self recovered by the way and it is possible to do. Never happier… never prouder of myself. And I am ME! 🙂