Happy Thanksgiving!

My six year old enjoying food and friends. I missed my family though. Well not my neighbour family or furry family. Missed my parents and two sisters and mostly my children. 

My back was aching all weekend but I managed. And even if I didn’t feel fulfilled with my immediate family, I was thankful for my neighbour friends.

I have a sight called psychoticlove.com. There it speaks to the subconscious longing of hearing from my children. But as I have moved forward with my healing of my eating disorder, I have learnt to appreciate the love around me at the moment.

My healer said my back ache will leave me when my emotions release. I wasn’t in tune to that until I meditated on it and she is right.

My release means deeper breaths and letting go of the pain. Because when you ache you breathe shallow and tense up and become exhausted.  This too in love and missing that interaction.

Time to breathe, relax and let go to regain my energy.

Tina is awesome and I highly recommend her… 

If interested… contact me 😊