Exciting Life After Bulimia!

I am so sorry I have not been blogging here as often as I should through my journey of being non-bulimic.  It has been a wonderful transition into this world of commitment to a job, and still loving my entrepreneurial spirit.

So much has happened over the soon to be 8 years of this bulimia free world.  I have found out so much about myself.  I had to.  There is no more hiding behind a curtain.

I am now 56.  I found a great male friend and feel completely comfortable with myself with him, even with my age, my teeth that are not perfect from almost 30 years of bulimia.

I have found myself in so many ways.

I won’t lie though.  I feel sometimes that the fact that I still smoke and that I still like to have wine, I sometimes feel… like I haven’t erased the whole portion of my addictions of life.  They are not as destructive as my bulimia was with me.  But I still find that these not so nice friends in my life that can possibly allow me to not focus to my best ability.

I think this post has been the most painful for me, because as much as I have given up my bulimia. I have to be honest… I have still more demons to fight.

Why?  It’s embedded in my brain.  But slowly but surely through my coaching courses, and my life design and ideal scene, all this is dissipating.  Smoking less, drinking less and focusing on my future, in so many positive ways.

So as much as I am sharing tonight …. and thank you for reading, if you have come this far… I will not give up…. giving up… the challenges of that which can hold you back.

I keep to my journey of moving forward.  If I can completely negate bulimia from my life… next step… the rest.  And this is where I will find the ONE ME I want to be.  And that…

If you want to join me in the 90 Day Challenge?  Come along.  And for those who are still fighting bulimia?  Seriously, you will fight it… best program ever!! And with community and openness and from home!!  Trust me, I know that part. 🙂

Hugs and hope you consider this.  More information on http://www.prismcoach.ca. and too will be on Handwritingspeaksvolumes.com.  By the way?  If you want a handwriting analysis and some grapho-therapy?  I would love to do that for you.  Cost?  Yes, but just for my time.  Average report? $500.  What would it mean to you?  I would do it for you for $45.  And seriously, considering I spent $10,000 over the years to study and graduate from this and my coaching course, I think this is fair.

Curious?… email me.  My personal email address? zooglingcj@hotmail.com.  Business address prismcoach.ca@gmail.com.

Big HUGS!!!


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