Sharing… From My Hampy… and I think you would relate!!

Ready for a New Relationship For 2021?

I got it.  I realised that after taking a coaching course, and wondering how I could help people with eating disorders,  I got it.

So are you ready for 2021?  And creating a new relationship?  With food.

Yes… I mean that.  A new relationship with food, that will change your life and your relationship with YOU.  

If you are interested in finding a new way of looking at a relationship with food, contact me.  I can coach you through 12 weeks at 50% off , if you are one of the first 5 to sign up (that’s a $1200 value for only $600).  If you like my process, then there will be a fee of $300 per month there after, which will include, as per this first offer, 1 one on 1 session via skype or zoom to chat, 24/7 text – 24/7 scheduled meeting request (only because I do have to sleep).  This is ONLY for the first 5 to sign up.  Regular prices are $1200 for the 12 week program and $400/month for follow up sessions.

I am 100% engaged on teaching you how to have a new relationship with food and never diet again in you life.  Never throw up again.  Never starve again.

Contact me.  I know this.  It took me 30  years to figure it out.  IT IS DOABLE!!