Where do they go when you go down?

Just read this. I had emailed it to myself 5 years ago. There are errors in it, but I love the blog with its imperfections, as I have learned to love me with mine. Enjoy.


It’s funny.  I have had great friends.  Absolutely wonderful friends.  Ones I thought would last forever… then suddenly your life flips upside down.  It’s like drowning, and during that time you are kind of drowning yourself.  You’re looking for that air, and that opening in an ice-covered water that you fell through.  You swim, you look for that hand to pull you out.  Strangely enough the hand is not that of the one or ones you thought.

Life is odd.  I always thought best friends and husbands are there because it is an “until death do you part, for better or for worse” and so on.  I could see the faltering of a marriage because I have been witness to it so many times, but I never thought it would expand to “best friend”.  I guess neither to sibling.  I guess, this world has really confused me.  Because all that…

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Great Interview by Whitnie Wiley – Sharing about Bulimia at Midlife

What started as being a #1 Best Selling author with my contribution to 1 Habit for Entrepreneurial Success moved into a discussion on my journey with bulimia and my desire to help women and men, particularly over 40 with their struggles towards recovery.

I was honored that Whitnie noted that this was something that resonated with her.