It’s All About The Weight, It’s Just A Habit

I’ve been having this conversation these days, not just with people in general, also with those who are bulimic. “It’s all about the weight”, or “it’s just a habit”.

I won’t argue their points, however I will challenge the thought that that is all “it’s” about.

There are times I will speak to my clients and they just want a diet, or away to maintain their weight without wanting to binge and purge. The fact is, that is not the solution. For one, I do not believe in diets in as far as what they refer to today. I understand that a “diet” is “what you consume”, however it has taken on a negative connotation, equating it to weight loss, rather than nutrition – in general.

Regardless, if you are on a restriction of any kind of food, unless for medical reasons, it will just set you up for failure, because restrictions often create desire.

The other thing I hear is that bulimia is a habit. Again, I don’t discount this, however the habit does not just have to do with the desire to run to the fridge and empty it out, consume it, then purge it. The habit is reflective of something deeper. If my client is not willing to explore this, my hands are tied. Recovery will not likely be permanent if the underlying issues are not resolved.

There are so many different facets to this. Also, one specific method will not work for everyone, because everyone’s situation is unique. What works for someone, will not work for another. However I believe there is a way to customize the recovery process.

Like someone noted in one of the support groups: “recovery is faster for some, slower for others”. This too has to be taken into account.

First and foremost, the best ways to get to learn more about what all this may be stemming from are reaching out and talking about it to a family member, friend, coach, therapist, or if you are not ready yet, writing or joining a support group. There are many online now, which then marries the writing and reaching out together.

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