For the longest time after my recovery, I felt guilt over the time and money lost from my bulimia.  I felt guilt for the way I let others who knew about my bulimia feel (although they didn’t come forward, I knew they knew).  I felt guilty because I blamed my bulimia on my emotional roller coaster that may have hurt others, or even been a catalyst to the end of my marriage.

Those feelings that I guilted myself with may have been the truth, however, what is past cannot be undone.  Removing guilt means being at peace with yourself, learning the lessons of yesterday, and applying them to the present and the future.  What I felt bad about I spoke openly with those around me about, including my daughter.  Her support and love were immense in my healing.  Moving forward this is what I pray for with bulimics struggling – to find peace, to put aside the guilt, and to move forward to recovery.  It may mean stepping backward one or two steps in the journey, however, if you are taking 10 steps forward for even one or two backward, you are still progressing.

Question:  What makes you feel guilt?  Do you feel that guilt is a trigger or aftermath of bingeing and purging? 

“I have but this to say about guilt.  Freedom is letting go of it.”  LaurieAnn   

About I Am That GAL

When times are hard, we tend to focus on the bad we did to others, or the bad others did unto us, yet it is in those times that remembering all the beautiful, great times is most important.