Adult Bulimia Recovery Program 2021



For Midlife Bulimia Recovery

By LaurieAnn



  • Weekly 60-90 minute one on one ZOOM or phone sessions (based on preference)
  • Recommended readings and exercises
  • 24/7 access for outreach during times in need for the duration of the program
  • Additional resources and download and print items to keep you on track
  • Invitation to subscribe to the Bullimiaddict Blog focusing on Midlife bulimia
  • Invitation to join a private Facebook group to find encouragement, support, and to share your wins


  • Over 40 and sick and tired of feeling out of control regarding your bulimia
  • discouraged by how many times you have tried to stop
  • had enough of overwhelmed and feeling defeated  
  • fed-up with toxic language directed at self and unproductive thinking
  • weary from feeling of failure, shame and internal conflict
  • struggling with changing your attitudes towards food and triggers
  • longing to get to the roots of what’s really behind what is “eating at you”
  • simply wanting someone to talk to about your struggles with bulimia


  • One giant step forward in your quest toward full recovery from bulimia
  • Ability to deal with behavior that keeps you feeling defeated or discouraged
  • Increased confidence and clarified identity of the true YOU (you will be amazed)
  • Real-life practices and tools to help you combat toxic thinking related to root causes, wounds, and harmful emotions
  • ​Defeat those thoughts and mindsets that are sabotaging your recovery 
  • Discover more about the mind/body and body/mind connections
  • Learn how to transition the “reward” system from food to a healthier life (mind & body)


This is NOT a medical program in any form.  As with any type of desire lifestyle change, please consult your medical advisor and physician.

What is involved in the initial connection? 

First, it’s up to you to reach out and tell me you want to meet with me.  This could be by ZOOM or by phone.  Whichever one you are more comfortable with.  You are welcome to use a pen name if that makes you feel more comfortable.  

We will at this time get to know each other and find out if we are a good fit.  I feel it is really important to connect.  I have had, in my time of bulimia, several meetings with professionals that had an adverse effect on my recovery due to the lack of connection.  I want to be a positive influence.   If you decide that you want to proceed, I will then send you an assessment to fill out.  Upon receipt I will go through it and complete a report on the results.  Our follow up session will cover this report, and at this time we will together create the plan for the 12 weeks that follow this meeting.

Is the session confidential?

Everything you tell me in our sessions will be completely confidential unless in the unlikely event:

  • I am made aware of an illegal activity that I must, if required by law, report pursuant to valid court order or subpoena
  • I deem you or someone else in imminent or likely risk of danger

I will delete and dispose of all handwritten notes I take during the session as well as your personalized assessment.

Are medical counsel and recommendation offered?

No.  My program is in no way meant to replace professional medical counsel and recommendation.  I am not a licensed therapist or counselor. Participants should always consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions they may have about a medical condition or health objective. 

I bring decades of coaching experience to the table.  I’ve written three books, one that is specific to bulimia.   I am also a mentor, helping and guiding those in their pursuits of a more fulfilling life through my G.A.L.© Plan (Get A Life you deserve).   I coach, mentor, write, and speak from personal experience. 

My Podcast Bleep Bulimia focusses on midlife bulimia.  It is meant to be light and educational.  As a bulimic, we hear enough about all the horrors that can happen if we don’t quit.  It might scare us, however the fear tactic is not the right method to use to promote recovery.  I invite experts on the different issues bulimics experience in hopes to encourage listeners to take action.

How much does the 13 week program cost?

The first connection is FREE.  If you choose this is right for you, the cost is $1200CDN.  It is important to understand that although this is an upfront payment, if you are struggling financially, contact me.  We can work around a payment plan.  My goal is to get you onboard to start your journey towards full recovery. 

Additional coaching sessions after the 13-Week program 

If you are pleased with the results and would like to continue working with me on a 1-1 basis, we can discuss this at the time.  This is available, and with it you can choose simply to meet once a week, or once every two weeks, or continue with the weekly meetings including the 24/7 available outreach.  Due to the options, pricing will vary. 

For more information about the program, please contact me, or CLICK HERE.

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  1. Jessie says:

    I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for allowing me to view my daily struggles through your blogging in a different and welcomed light. Thank you for your writing!

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    sweetie, how can i hook up to your blog???? I can’t find your email hookup or your wordpress “signup” widget. Would LOVE to be a follower, please HUGS m

  3. The Bemon saved mine too, in a way. I get it!!
    The Cockroach

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    Just wanted to stop by, say hello, and thank you for subscribing to my blog, Rewriting Life. Would love it if you sent me an email and told me a bit about yourself, why you subscribed, what you’re dealing with. It’s Seriously, hope you’ll take a few moments to do so.


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